This page is dedicated to Vicy Morris Young – Clipped Wings National Historian — a position she was honored with since 1969. Vicy will be remembered as the loving member that kept our history real, our National officers on their toes, and had the “welfare” of Clipped Wings ever in her heart!

“The legacy of her dedication to Clipped Wings is a treasure the organization will always cherish.”

— Pam Ziebarth, 2008-10 National President.

Since joining Clipped Wings Vicy has assembled collections of memorabilia and news clippings of early flight attendant history. She participated in UA's first plan for a museum, setting aside space for Clipped Wings displays. Vicy was president of the Los Angeles chapter in 1961, has served as National Editor, National President, and in 1968 was awarded the Jacqueline Jos Ceaser Distinguished Service Award. As the Clipped Wings National Historian, Vicy's bound albums travel to each biennial Clipped Wings Convention to educate members in the rich history of their profession and the Clipped Wings organization.

Throughout the years, Vicy always ensured that Clipped Wings was involved in every important United Airlines milestone celebration. In 1999, she served on a committee to create a special exhibit commemorating the 70th anniversary of Onboard Service.

The yearlong exhibit featured rare documents; photos, wing insignia and uniforms loaned by generous AFA and Clipped Wings members and was installed at United's World Headquarters on May 15, 2000.

Her independent historical research and preservation of memorabilia has led to her renown as an authority that scholars and the media consult when writing or producing documentaries about flight attendant history.

(Excerpts from biography of Vicy Young - UAHF website).

Associate Historian Mary K. Doherty Dana, OCC
remembers Vicy Morris Zelsdorf Young

She was always there in Clipped Wings as long as I can remember. It was during the '78 national convention in LAS that I came to know her personally. She was a lady, she was fun and she had a phenomenal memory for facts, names and places. Although she would never admit it, she seemed to be somewhat accident-prone and, once, she even got stuck in a moving sidewalk at the airport.

Vicy Morris flew for United in the 50's and had to turn in her wings when she married Captain Bob Zelsdorf. Standard Airlines asked her to come fly with them and set up their stewardess service. She did and flew until discovering she was pregnant. On her final trip the plane crashed into the Burbank Mountains killing many and severely injuring others. Despite a broken back, Vicy managed to get others safely out of the plane. Since it was nighttime rescuers were hours away so she spent the night in great pain worrying about her unborn child.

When rescue finally did come she refused any pain medication and insisted on being transported to her own doctors and hospital. For the remaining months of her pregnancy Vicy endured unimaginable pain but gave birth to a wonderfully healthy baby boy.

Clipped Wings soon became her next and lifelong mission. Putting her love for language (Northwestern Grad and former teacher) and facts together with her amazing memory, she soon became the go-to person for the organization. Whether it be bylaws, copyright laws or background on an office or person, Vicy knew the answer and, not only for Clipped Wings, United soon started calling and Vicy maintained a terrific relationship with them for years. Of course, it didn't hurt that Vicy's second husband, Dick Young, was a Director for United. They traveled worldwide and Vicy could tell many stories about celebrities, United people, places, etc.

Proud of her Greek heritage, she loved good food and had a devilish sense of humor. Not shy, she never met a stranger. She is probably one of the few people I have ever known who could out talk my husband. Many members can attest to Vicy's oratorical skills especially after hours' long phone calls. Her written missives, in the old days double spaced page after page, and, more recently, as her eyesight failed, large hand-printed in purple ink, are treasures.

There is now a void in Clipped Wings that simply cannot be filled. But those of us fortunate enough to have known our wonderful Vicy will always treasure memories of a lovely, dedicated and very, very special lady.


Pam Troutman Ziebarth, OMA & National President:
This news is hard for many of us to accept since she was such a vital part of Clipped Wings for so long. I am sure she will have lots of good company in Heaven. I can imagine her now having a real gab session with many of her CW buddies who have also passed. My heart breaks, but I also know she will always be in our thoughts as we hold on to the many wonderful memories we have of her. Blessings to all.

Maureen Lannon Amberg, LAX Convention Co-Chairman:
I am so glad that we honored Vicy by dedicating the LAX '08 (California Dreamin') Convention to her while she still could appreciate it, and THAT she truly did! She always was "one of ours". … She was so very grateful...my many letters were treasures to read.

Carolyn Younger Plumley, LAX Convention Co-Chairman:
Oh dear. A legend has gone on. Thank you for the news, sad as it is. Every Clipped Winger who ever met Vicy felt an immediate connection. I know I did. I had her, as a passenger, on a flight, before I had ever heard of Clipped Wings. She left such an impression on me, that I sought out CW after I quit in 1965…. I assume, all of us who were recipients of her letters, received them with joy or exasperation, depending on how much time you had when they arrived. If I had time to read around the margins and on the little bits of additional slips of paper, it was truly fun to eliminate everything that wasn't about the subject, to discover what she wanted to say. It was a personal treasure hunt. But you all know that. I'm sure you all got those missives too…A person who writes that much to so many people, has to be very dedicated to spend as much time as she did on personal letters. We all laughed and said, it was a good thing she never got on the E-mail train…but man oh man! She had so much knowledge and love for Clipped Wings and all of us. She was one of a kind, and I am overjoyed that I knew her. She was a legend and will always be with us.

Jean Horback Adams, OCC:
Oh my gawd! This breaks my heart. If it was supposed to be, then, so be it. However, I am at a loss for words right now. She took such good care of Clipped Wings memories … stewardesses of the past.

Ethel Lund Pattison, LAX & Past National President:
I would always say to Vicy, "Be brief". Fortunately, she had the vision, the courage to save and archive the history of Clipped Wings, now almost 70 years old. We are all thankful for her endeavors. She will be pleased if it is displayed in the proper place as time goes by. We salute you, Vicy!

Chloe Anne Cox Brown, MAL & Past National President:
She will be a busy lady preparing our last big Convention! I only hope to go where Vicy is, because that is where all good Clipped Wingers will land. What a lady!

Lavon Parker Cook, DTW:
I remember having a couple of gab sessions with Vicy - lasting a couple of hours each time on the phone, and receiving some of her very lengthy letters. What a lady! Heaven has gained another CW angel.

Barbara Boll Bertacini, RNO & Past National President:
We are very grateful for all that Vicy has done for Clipped Wings. I saved the many letters received from Vicy during my time as a national officer and have appreciated all her words of wisdom through the years. She has had a difficult past few years and now she is at peace. Certainly she will be greatly missed.

Marta Morgan Rash, MAL & Past National President:
Even though we knew the end was near, it doesn't make it any easier. Whether you liked her long letters or not, Vicy knew Clipped Wings and everyone in Clipped Wings knew her and we will never be the same without her. We all needed her advice now and then, and she has always watched out for us and I know will continue to do so, just from another place. We'll miss you, dear Vicy.

Elaine Haley McGann, DEN:
What a legacy she leaves…I remember the SURPRISE birthday party for her 70th in Palm Desert…of course everything, every present had to be purple…She did so much for and so loved Clipped Wings…I smile every time I look at the bright colored cutting board she sent after a visit.

Marilyn Reynolds, RDW:
I am crying. Vicy was a very special Clipped Wings friend … Met her years ago at Convention and we hit it off right away because of our mutual love of C.W. History, scrapbooking and writing articles for the Quarterly…God Speed, Vicy, and Welcome to the Friendly Skies of United!!

Barbara Fisk Vincent, SEA, National Vice President:
So very sad to lose Vicy. She was a good friend and a huge part of the heart and soul of Clipped Wings. Even though I know she is in a better place and we appreciate all she has done to make Clipped Wings the great organization that it is, I will miss her.

Sharon Loosmore, SEA & Past National President:
I am so sad to learn of Vicy's passing. She will forever have a place in my heart.

Tom Goodyear, President, United Airlines Historical Foundation:
Vicy served as a Director of the UAHF and was awarded the Capt. Wm. S. Arnott Legacy Award in 2006 when the following was written of Vicy's lifelong work and enormous contributions to the UAHF, United Airlines and her fellow brothers and sisters: "Preserve the Past, Inspire the Future" is the mission goal that Vicy Morris Young helped create.

Doris Denning, MAL & Past National President:
I am glad I was able to chat with her. She was SO on my mind last week. Vicy was a loyal friend to Clipped Wings, aviation, and me in general. All will sorrowfully miss her.

Mary Ann McGarry, LAX & National Editor:
I know I'll treasure my "letters" from Vicy. It took some patience and persistence to figure them out, but worth the effort.

Fran Owens Ponto, OCC President:
I met Vicy at my very first convention (LAX) in 1975. She was never lost for words and always vivacious. She was an amazing woman and I shared many wonderful moments with her. I am just grateful to have had an opportunity to get to know her better at each convention. Vicy was an inspiration to so many and full of great advice. I shall treasure all of her letters. What a unique woman. She made a difference to all who knew her. She will be missed. May she now rest in peace.

Gail Andrus Preston, OCC & Past National President:
It is ironic, Vicy never believed in email, and that is how most of us heard about her passing. It sounds like many of us were recipients of her fun, difficult to read, cartoon cut outs, and informative letters. Thanks to Vicy, and her first husband, Bob, I have been a member of CW since 1967. Because of her, I have served locally, and nationally and love, and always will love Clipped Wings. Almost everything she told me, I took to heart, and would seriously consider. She was seldom wrong. Her love, memory, and desire to preserve our history will never be forgotten. A Clipped Winger, through-and-through, a woman who beat so many odds, and a friend forever. What an amazing person, who will never be forgotten in our circle of Clipped Wings friends, and the many others she touched. Love you, Vicy, will see you and a lot of my Clipped Wings' friends someday in another place, and will always keep you close to my heart. You were the best.

Tina Winland, DCA:
I've been reading all these emails and it's such a wonderful tribute to Vicy. I did not have the pleasure of knowing her in the earlier years but really got to know her within the last 10 years. She leaves such a special place in my heart. She could talk (even more then most of us and we all can talk) about Clipped Wings with such a loving way. It was her life. She will be missed.

Barbara Lamb McIntire, ATL, President:
Being a relative "newbie", I never had the opportunity to meet Vicy, but ever since attending my first convention, I have heard so many wonderful things about her. From all of the notes I am reading, I know that you valued her as a very special friend, and I know she felt the same about all of you. Clipped Wings has lost a very special member, but I feel sure her name will forever be a part of our organization.

Kris Sisti Mueller, EWR:
I have also been reading all of the tributes to Vicy. I was not fortunate enough to have met her, but wish I had. She will always hold a special place in Clipped Wings history, and whether we knew her or not we have all lost a good friend. She is up there looking down and will always be with us guiding us in spirit. Her work is done, but her memory lingers on.

Carol Novak Morgan, MAL & Past National President:
Such great memories in my email from many of you with the news of Vicy. I mailed the most recent MAL President's letter to her in a bright purple envelope and hope it arrived in time for her to at least recognize it. I have a Vicy file and thought we could all relate to this piece of writing from her regarding one of my MAL letters. It reads: “Carol, dear. First have to nag on that not correct – you still write MAL's – not so as used. Abbreviation is already plural. Possessive can be (no rule for short version) MAL's if meaning possessive. Plural is still without though TV and media use – still not correct.” You all can relate to the corrections our teacher Vicy shared with us. I will miss her. And Vicy, if you are listening, I will try to do better.

Sam Mohr-Good, LAX President:
I have missed a great experience by not knowing Vicy, but knowing of her. I think she has left a very positive imprint on the heart of Clipped Wings, and we continue to honor her by our involvement with this wonderful organization. Clipped Wingers can carry her vision forward.

Jean Figge, LAX & Past National President:
I remember Vicy from my first trip on a DC-4 to Cheyenne, I think. She showed me the ropes, so to speak, and I'll never forget her - deep voice, black eye brows, flashing brown eyes - I felt, and I'm sure, looked like a wallflower as we worked the trip. I'm glad I knew her and we are all grateful for her dedication to C.W.

Aurelia Luton, DCA & Past National President:
I want to add my agreement to all that has been said. We will miss her more than we realize now! I will miss her deeply.

Candi Symes, OAK, National Past President:
Every organization needs someone with a wealth of knowledge who is also a caring and concerned person who knows everyone, remembers everything and gladly shares her opinions about everything, especially when it concerns United and Clipped Wings....Vicy was just that person! She will be sadly missed!

Pamela Pease Berding, OAK & Past National President:
When I see the color purple I always think of Vicy and her love of purple.

“Purple combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. Purple is associated with royalty. It symbolizes power, nobility, luxury, and ambition.
It conveys wealth and extravagance. Purple is associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic.”

to blue skies and smooth landings