Our Past & Present

“Lest we forget…” Denver chapter’s 2006 convention was dedicated to the thirteen American Airlines and twelve United Airlines flight attendants lost on September 11, 2001.”This roster edition adds their names in respectful remembrance:

AA Flt. 11 AA Flt. 77 UA Flt. 175 UA Flt. 93
Barbara Arestegui Michele Heidenberger Robert Fangman Lorraine G. Bay
Jeffrey Collman Jennifer Lewis Amy Jarret Sandra W. Bradshaw
Sara Low Kenneth Lewis Amy R. King Wanda A. Green
Karen Martin Renee May Kathryn LaBorie CeeCee Lyles
Kathleen Nicosia Alfred G. Marchand Deborah A. Welsh
Betty Ong Michael C. Tarrou
Jean Roger Alicia N. Titus
Dianne Snyder
Madeline Sweeney



Jackie Jos Ceaser of Chicago located seven other former United stewardesses to retain ‘flying days’ friendships. All eight were nurses, as the R.N. requirement was not dropped until 1942.

Besides Jackie, the other seven were: Anne Malcomb Brooks; Margaret Finney Dulyn; Vera Vogel Clifford; Maye Wright Clem; Marjorie Reid Harbison; Virginia Mueller Olson; and Doris McPartlin Welton.

Our own “original eight” began multiple charity pursuits during WWII, which brought United’s attention with resulting publicity. A group with similar goals met informally in the San Francisco area but never formalized a connection to United Air Lines.

After our first convention in SEA (1951), a number of the SFO Bay Area clubs formed the nucleus of the San Francisco Chapter. Irene Morgan Simon is on record as their organizer when they met during 1941-46. All these members were the “Stars” of SFO’s first convention, 1954.



In 1941, when Jackie Jos Ceaser started our club, she had never heard of former TWA hostesses (NY) having a similar group as early as 1940. The Chicago ladies used “United Stewardess Alumnae,” which was often mistaken for a group of former stewardesses of several carriers ‘having united’ for social gatherings, rather than ‘UNITED’ as an airline. By 1948, Denver former stews had been meeting with similar goals. Both Chicago and Denver had charitable venues almost from their beginnings.

On November 5, 1948, the two groups became our first “chapters” after incorporation in the State of Illinois. Name: UNITED STEWARDESS ALUMNAE, INC. Our original application documented at the Dept. of Commerce, Trademark and Patent Office, filed December 24, 1957, failed to include ‘Air Lines.’ An amendment dated April 1959, added those two words. TWA Clipped Wings never legally contested our registration of “Clipped Wings.” To avoid frequent confusion, their official name became “TWA Clipped Wings International.”

Our Articles of Incorporation needed revisions in 1960 and 1970. An early use of “Kliptwings” was voted only for national use in 1954. Some chapters used various spellings locally, such as Los Angeles, (1954), “Klipt Wings.” Paperwork for our “collective membership mark” records 1951 as our first use of “Clipped Wings.” The 1958 convention delegates voted to approve the new ‘tipped-back’ wings design.The design was a gift of designer Raymond Loewy, but never registered by his firm or our organization.